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The Borana Mobile Clinic

Since 2005, in partnership with the Ministry Of Health, the Borana Mobile Clinic has been providing basic health care, health lectures, HIV Aids awareness, antenatal advice, child immunisation programmes and family planning to Borana’s neighbouring communities. The majority of our neighbourhoods do not have adequate access to basic health care; people from areas such as Tassia and Sanga have to travel extremely long distances to access any form of simple medical care or sanitation.

The Borana Mobile Clinic team consists of two nurses and a driver. Together, they visit ten communities on a two-week rotation, treating on average over 700 patients per month and travelling over 1,000 miles. The nurses also provide support and counselling to students at the schools which are part of the Borana Education Support Programme, as well as health education to members of each community, focusing on hygiene and nutrition. Over the past decade, the clinic has carried out over 220,000 consultations.


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