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Wildlife Corridors

Wildlife corridors are critical in connecting habitats, protecting life and maintaining diversity. Mugie actively engages in the maintenance of wildlife corridors between Mugie and Loisaba Conservancy, and intend to secure additional corridors between Mugie and Laikipia Nature Conservancy and Iltungai Conservancy. Mugie is currently going through a process whereby the government are upgrading the C77 to a high speed road, the A4 from Rumuruti to Maralal, that transects Mugie. While economically beneficial to the area, the road upgrade has the potential to be incredibly dangerous, with increased traffic speeds, volume and frequency posing a major threat to wildlife. Unfortunately there were no adequate provisions to preserve wildlife included in the construction designs for this upgrade. Mugie’s role has been to advocate for, and fundraise to support the addition of wildlife crossings in the construction plans.


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